Woman in Peasant Dress

Let’s talk about “Woman in Peasant Dress”, painted by Paul Klee (“Klee” is pronounced like “clay”) in 1940:

Last time, when we were looking at “Tea”, I said that Matisse’s lines were loose and cartoony. It’s interesting to compare Klee’s painting with Matisse’s; both paintings are cartoony – in both cases, the dots for eyes strike me especially – but Klee’s lines are the opposite of loose. The shapes in this painting have corners. They look as though they’ve been fitted together carefully. They remind me of those wooden blocks they use in Montessori schools’ preschool play times, and public schools’ advanced geometry classes.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to compare this painting to a stained glass window. The glass pieces’ shapes in old stained glass windows are often irregular, because it isn’t the glass’ shape which is important; although the glass is in fragments, it’s put together to appear whole. Look at the blue background behind the king in that window: it’s supposed to look like one solid background, not a bunch of pieces stuck together.

What do you think of this painting? Did it remind you of a stained glass window, or something else?


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Lizzie Catface frequently demonstrates an inclination for creative expression. She needs to put forth more effort on her organizational skills. She has good verbal and socializing skills but needs to work on becoming better team player.
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